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Mito Vase

Mito Vase


A tall and slender neutral beauty, the Mito vase is the perfect home for your next floral arrangement. The unglazed brown stoneware makes a sweeping contrast against shiny glazed rings that are inspired by the mitochondria of the Magnolia tree. Keeping to the Dendrostone core values, the color palette was pulled from the rough sienna and ochre toned stones throughout the Atlantic Coast of Southern Ghana.


    Clay body: 100% ash brown stoneware. Finish: Temmoku, iron shino, rutile, and white mamo glaze.

    This product two of a kind. Each bowl was carefully and uniquely made, variations may apply.


    Each ceramic object at Weki Anchi is a unique edition and no Returns will be accepted.

    Refunds will be applied to any items broken upon arrival. No Refunds otherwise. If you are not satisfied with your ordre for any reason, contact

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