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Dendrochrone Bowl

Dendrochrone Bowl


Named after the age dating method of trees, the Dendrochrone bowl's surface was inspired by the cyclical pattern of a trees rings. A handbuilt bowl with an assymetrical rim, this piece is perfect to hold small fruit or it can serve as a catchall for bits and bobs.


This is a two of a kind. 

Out of Stock

    Clay body: 100% ash brown stoneware. Finish: Temmoku glaze and iron oxide wash.

    This product two of a kind. Each bowl was carefully and uniquely made, variations may apply.


    Each ceramic object at Weki Anchi is a unique edition and no Returns will be accepted.

    Refunds will be applied to any items broken upon arrival. No Refunds otherwise. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, contact


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