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Sikamelon Calabash Vase

Sikamelon Calabash Vase


A 1-of-1 gold guilded home for stems, branches and floral arrangments. Alternately, her striking beauty can stand alone as a sculptural art piece.


Sister to our Calabash storage basket, this piece was inspired by the calabash, a gourd melon member of the Cucurbitaceae scientific family. The orginal sketches for the Calabash vessels were born in the Summer of 2022 on a trip to Cote D'Ivoire. Calabash Sika, is an ode to iconography of the Akan, and the vibrant appearance of gold as bodily adornment in the region.


    Clay body: 100% ash brown stoneware. Finish: Rutile oxide and gold leaf guilding.

    This product one of a kind. 


    Each ceramic object at Weki Anchi is a unique edition and no Returns will be accepted.

    Refunds will be applied to any items broken upon arrival. No Refunds otherwise. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, contact

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